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A turnkey enterprise-grade container platform for cloud-native and distributed non-cloud native applications with open source Kubernetes.

HPE Ezmeral Container Platform is the industry’s first enterprise-grade container platform designed to deploy both cloud-native and non-cloud-native applications using Kubernetes – running on bare-metal or virtualized infrastructure, on any public cloud, and at the edge.

HPE Ezmeral Container platform brings together IP from HPE’s acquisitions of BlueData and MapR along with 100% open source Kubernetes to deliver a fully integrated comprehensive container platform solution.

The BlueK8s open source initiative will include a number of projects to help bring enterprise-level capabilities for distributed stateful applications to Kubernetes.

The first open source project in this initiative is Kubernetes Director or KubeDirector for short.

Learn from the Experts

What is the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform?

Introducing the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform

Interactive Demo Series

Learn about how to perform many common tasks with the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform related to building your stateful, containerized applications in the 7 part video series. Click on the below link for the first episode titled “Create a Kubernetes Cluster”. Also in the series you will find the following demos:

  • Create a Kubernetes Tenant
  • Create a Kubernetes User
  • Deploy a Kubernetes App
  • Setup a Project Repository for ML OPS
  • Build and Train a Model
  • Deploy a Model

Create a Kubernetes Cluster

Create a Kubernetes Tenant

Create a Kubernetes User

Deploy a Kubernetes App

Setup Project Repository

Build and Train a Model

Deploy the Model



Kubernetes Director (aka KubeDirector) for deploying and managing stateful applications on Kubernetes.


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