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The foundation for a software-defined data center.

HPE OneView Developers Hub

HPE OneView takes a software-defined, programmatic approach to managing infrastructure with efficient workflow automation, a modern RESTful API, and a comprehensive partner ecosystem.

Here you will find repositories, demos, guides and other technical resources from HPE and the Composable Ecosystem Partners to automate infrastructure management and eliminate complex manual processes.

HPE OneView Integrations


Ansible by Red Hat automates the provisioning of physical infrastructure on-demand using software-defined templates from HPE OneView.

Chef Infrastructure

Chef automates the spin up and updates of fluid resource pools in HPE OneView using software-defined templates.


Docker integrates with HPE OneView to bring containerization out of the cloud and onto your bare-metal infrastructure.

HashiCorp Terraform

HashiCorp Terraform provides a common workflow to provision hybrid infrastructure and applications so users can seamlessly and efficiently deploy HPE infrastructure.


HPE OneView for Microsoft System Center integrates HPE ProLiant and HPE BladeSystem manageability features with Microsoft System Center.

Prometheus - Grafana

The Prometheus and Grafana connector enables monitoring of hardware, virtualizations, applications and containers in a unified dashboard. Supporting the mapping of application, virtual machine and container alters to underlying hardware infrastructure.


The Puppet module for HPE OneView automates the configuring and provisioning of bare-metal infrastructure so customers can deliver apps and services faster and easier.

Red Hat® OpenShift®

Enable IT operations and application development teams to deliver applications faster using the OpenShift integration.


HPE OneView for VMware vCenter seamlessly integrates manageability features with VMware virtualization solutions.

SDKs and Language Bindings

Access Software Development Kits (SDKs) and language bindings for integrating HPE OneView with common programming languages and frameworks.


HPE OneView allows you to treat your physical infrastructure as code. Now you can integrate your favorite tools based in Golang with HPE OneView.


Interface with HPE OneView using Hubot, an automation tool that can sync with other chat services.


This library provides a pure Windows PowerShell interface to the HPE OneView REST APIs.


This library provides a pure Python interface to the HPE OneView REST APIs.


The Ruby SDK provides a Ruby library to easily interact with the HPE OneView API, enabling developers to easily build integrations and scalable solutions with HPE OneView.


The Redfish toolkit allows customers to take automations that use the Redfish specification and apply them to HPE OneView without need for extensive scripting.

HPE Synergy Image Streamer Tools

Access tools, reference architectures, artifact bundles, and other technical resources for implementing HPE Synergy Image Streamer.

Developer Resources

Resources for achieving fast software-defined control using the Image Streamer management appliance.

Reference Architectures

Best practices and configuration guidance for developing and executing Image Streamer deployment plans.

RHEL Artifacts

Plan scripts and sample artifact bundles for personalizing and deploying Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

SLES Artifacts

Plan scripts and sample artifact bundles for personalizing and deploying SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.


Take advantage of our free, Jupyter-Notebook based Workshops-on-Demand available in the Hack Shack. These technical workshops provide you with an in-depth, hands-on learning experience where you can interact with and learn from the experts. Designed to fit your schedule, these workshops are available 24/7 – any time, from anywhere. HPE OneView workshops are available today.

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