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Installing the certificate management PowerShell module

You can download and install the HPE SimpliVity certificate management PowerShell module from the Powershell Gallery.

The module works with Powershell Core (PS6) on Ubuntu or Windows 10 and on PowerShell 5.1 (PS5.1).

Installing from the PowerShell Gallery

To install directly from PowerShell, run the following command from a Powershell window:

Install-Module -Name HPESvtCmdlets

Loading the module

After you have downloaded the module, load it by using the import-module cmdlet. For example:

Import-Module .\HpeSvtCmdlets\HPESvtCmdlets.psm1

To verify that the module imported properly, run the following command and verify that it contains the full set of cmdlets.

get-module HpeSvtCmdlets

You see the list of cmdlets in the current version. For example:

ModuleType Version Name ExportedCommands
---------- ------- ---- ----------------
Script HPESvtCmdlets {Add-HPESvtCertificate, Get-HPESvtAuthToken, Get-HPESvtCertificate, Get-HPESvtRootCertificate...}

You can get help on any command by calling Get-Help (or just help for short). For example:

Get-Help Add-HPESvtCertificate

Reinstalling to obtain a newer version

If you want to obtain a newer version of the HPESvtCmdlets module, uninstall the existing module by running: Uninstall-Module -Name HPESvtCmdlets

Then verify the uninstall was successful by running the Get-InstalledModules command. The output should not list HPESvtCmdlets.

Finally, install the new version by running the Install-Module -Name HPESvtCmdlets command.

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