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HTTP error code reference

Use this reference for information about the HTTP error codes returned by the REST API. The error codes are returned in the status field of the JSON error response body.

400-Bad Request

InvalidBodyExceptionYou tried to pass invalid information in the body of a POST or PUT request.
InvalidParameterExceptionYou passed an invalid query parameter.
InvalidSortCriteriaExceptionYou passed an invalid limit or sort criteria query parameter.
ObjectInUseExceptionYou tried to DELETE a policy that is in use by a datastore or virtual machine.
PermissionDeniedExceptionYou tried to view or modify an object without the required permissions.
TypeMismatchExceptionYou passed in an incorrect object type. For example, you passed in a String, but an Integer was expected.


SvtExceptions$UnauthorizedExceptionYou submitted an invalid access token or the access token has expired. Tokens expire after 24 hours or after 10 minutes of inactivity.

404—Not Found

ObjectNotFoundExceptionYou tried to GET or act on an object, but the object cannot be found.

405—Method Not Allowed

HttpRequestMethodNotSupportedExceptionYou tried to perform an HTTP operation on a resource that is not supported.

413—Payload Too Large

BodyTooLargeExceptionYou submitted a request body that is too large.

415—Unsupported Media Type

HttpMediaTypeNotSupportedExceptionYou submitted a PUT or POST request and the content type that is not valid. For example: Content type 'application/xml' not supported.

500—Internal Server Error

InternalServerExceptionYou submitted a request, there are unexpected problems. Check the log for more details.

502—Bad Gateway

Bad GatewayThere are too many simultaneous REST requests.

503—Server Unavailable

REST Service UnavailableThe REST service is running, but it is unavailable. This is a temporary state. Retry the operation after a few seconds, and a reasonable number of times, before failing the operation.

504—Gateway Timeout

Gateway Time-outThe REST request took more than 60 seconds to complete.

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