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Getting the API version

The REST API is backward compatible. As new attributes and operations are added in each release, older clients continue to work without any changes. Clients should strive to be backward compatible and should query the version of the REST API they are targeting to make sure that this version supports the needed functionality. The first version of the REST API was v1, followed by v1.1, v1.2, and so on.

You can issue a GET request to determine the version running on a Virtual Controller or Management Virtual Appliance. To determine the version, issue a GET /api/version request. This request does not need to be authenticated. For example:

curl -k https://<rest_server_ip>/api/version

The response includes the REST API version and the SVTFS version. For example:

REST_API_Version: "1.1",
SVTFS_Version: "3.5.9904.284"

Accept header

Use the Accept header to request a particular version of the REST API response objects. For example:

Accept: application/vnd.simplivity.v1.1+json

You always receive the current version representation, even if you request an older version.

Content type

Each new version of the REST API introduces new operations. For detailed information about the operations that a particular REST API version supports, see the interactive REST API reference on the Virtual Controller or Management Virtual Appliance you plan to interact with.

You must specify the correct minimum version using the Content-Type header. For example:

Content-Type: application/vnd.simplivity.v1.1+json

The following example shows how to use curl to specify the desired minimum version in the Content-Type header within a POST request to lock a backup:

curl -k -X POST --header "Content-Type: application/vnd.simplivity.v1.1+json"

If you specify a Content-Type that is too old while issuing a POST or PUT request, the REST API returns an exception. For example:

'status': '415',
'path': '/api/backups/f61a3e0f-829b-4739-86da-c82de96c2c85/lock',
'exception': 'org.springframework.web.HttpMediaTypeNotSupportedException',
'message': "Content type 'application/vnd.simplivity.v1+json' not supported",
'timestamp': '2016-05-16T18:25:01Z'

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