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Get a peek at some of the new technologies we're excited about and think you will be too.

Aruba Developer Hub

The Aruba Developer Hub is a comprehensive resource for developers that includes Aruba APIs and documentation to streamline the development of innovative, next-generation edge applications leveraging the Aruba Edge Services Platform.


A programming language designed for productive parallel computing from laptops to supercomputers.


An open source UI development and design tool

HPE 3PAR and Primera

The world's most intelligent storage for mission-critical apps that provides an on-demand experience for instant access to data and is consumable as a service.

HPE Deep Learning Cookbook

A set of tools to guide the choice of the best hardware/software environment for a given deep learning workload.

HPE Ezmeral Container Platform

A turnkey enterprise-grade container platform for cloud-native and distributed non-cloud native applications with open source Kubernetes.

HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric

The HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric enables you to run the right application at the right time in the right place on the right data.

HPE GreenLake

A managed cloud experience that accelerates your transformation by helping you to design, build, manage, and optimize your on- and off-premises clouds.

HPE Nimble Storage

The Cloud Ready storage platform with Predictive Analytics provides robust APIs for service providers and tinkerers alike for the next generation data center.

HPE OneView

The foundation for a software-defined data center.

HPE OneView Global Dashboard

HPE OneView Global Dashboard allows you to manage up to 75 HPE OneView or HPE Synergy instances, and 150 HPE Hyper Converged 380 instances across data centers.

HPE SimpliVity

An enterprise-grade hyperconverged platform uniting best-in-class data services with the world’s bestselling server.


Redfish® API conformant for simple and automate remote HPE Server management.

SPIFFE and SPIRE Projects 

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is the leading contributor to Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s (CNCF) SPIFFE and SPIRE open source projects.